Frame: Our Maritime and Contract furniture are designed and manufactured using heavy marine grade aluminum tubing. Wall thickness of .062 to.125 is incorporated depending on the design. Every stress point in our furniture is supported by additional structural cross supports for re-enforcement creating a durable frame.

Welds: We NOTCH or CHAMFER all adjoining parts for a perfect fit before the weld is applied.

Full circumference weld is applied to all joins. Full welds provide a stronger solid and stable frame system enhancing and prolonging the life of the furniture.

Straps: SUNCASUAL  provides a 2” wide by 1/8” thick 100% virgin vinyl straps with built-in mildew inhibitors and UV stabilizers.

Slings: SUNCASUAL incorporated the very best in sling seating, Our sling is woven from PVC-coated polyester and engineered for use in sling furniture applications that demand extra strength and/or dimensional stability. These fabrics are antimicrobial, highly durable, mildew resistant, stain resistant, fade resistant and easily cleanable.

We sew our slings using double stitched on all pockets and use only commercial polyester threads to assure that the stitches can endure all stress areas of the sling.

No special tools are needed for sling replacement. Sling frame attachment bolts must be removed for sling replacement.

Hardware: All fastener and moving parts are made of 316 Stainless Steel for long durable life. All assembly bolts are 1/4” not less. Additional nylon washers are used on all stainless steel bolts and nuts to prevent bi-metal contact.

Powder Coating Treatment: Our Powder Coating System has been modified for contract applications. We use the following process to protect our furniture and provide extendable warranty periods.

> 8 Stage Electrostatic Powder Coated Treatment

> Commercial (3) Step Cleaning Process

> Non-Chromate Conversion Coating Surface Treatment

> Super Durable Polyester Topcoat

This process is intended to assure that the powder is highly bonded to the aluminum surface providing Corrosion Protection and preventing Chalk, Chipping and Peeling when exposed to outdoor weather in a maritime environment.

Braces and Cross Supports: Extra Seat and Leg Support Braces are used in our contract and maritime frames for added rigidity. The extra braces prevent the frame and legs from bowing and breaking when increasing weight capacity is applied. 

Adjusting Mechanism: Heavy Duty welded adjuster frame is designed on all our furniture with different position settings for personal convenient choices by adjusting back angle.

Glides: Non-marking, protective glides or welded skids plate are found on most of our furniture. Contact nylon bumpers are used to protect the frame finish when stacking is required.

Anti-Pinch: Safety Bend on all Chaise Frames. The frame is offset on both sides of the adjustable back to prevents fingers or hand injuries when the back is inadvertently dropped. This safety feature reduces the liability and incident of personal injury.

 All our product are  "Made in the USA" and meets or exceeds American Commercial Grade furniture standards.